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“I would like to see young film-makers think about their projects on a global scale right from the very beginning, so that the films they create are universal and can conquer audiences not only in Poland, but also in Europe, and maybe even the whole world. We clearly have many talented people to be proud of. Film Lab Warszawa–Berlin was born to promote the work of the Warsaw’s film scene. Where else could we do so, if not during one of the most prestigious industry festivals and markets, EFM Berlinale?”—says the originator and co-ordinator of the program, Agnieszka Sękowska, the President of the Przestrzeń Filmowa foundation.

Film Lab Warszawa–Berlin has been the latest educational project of the Przestrzeń Filmowa foundation, carried out since December 2016. The foundation invited young film-makers from Warsaw who (have brought into existence at least two short films—out of which at least one, falling into the category of documentary, animated, or feature film, has already been presented on festivals) were planning to develop and finalise their first or second full-length film in the years 2017–2018 to participate in the program.

Four of the best pitchers, selected by the Polish commission, were chosen to go to the 67. Berlinale and European Film Market a part of the 67 IFF Berlinale to get a grasp of its behind the scenes. Everybody will also have the opportunity to talk to the film-makers from 10 to 15 February 2017.

But first, the initial selection was made by foreign judges: Alex Traila and Diane Malherbe.

“I’ve made every endeavour to ensure that the project would be truly international from its starting point. The jury comprising experienced experts, international festival selectors and industry consultants, guaranteed a fresh, independent look at the submitted ideas”—Sękowska explains.

The selected directors and producers participated in an intensive two-day pitching workshop with Aleksandra Leszczyńska, expert in development and financing of film projects and young film-makers’ coach.

As a high point of the workshop, the participants were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to Polish industry professionals.

Renowned film producers, Stanisław Dziedzic and Zuzanna Król, together with the sales agent Katarzyna Siniarska listened to eight pitches, and chose four they thought were the best:

  • „Inwardness”, drama—pitched by Grzegorz Jaroszuk and Kamila Kuś

Logline: Inwardness is a journey of self-discovery in the course of which main character realizes that awareness only bring pain.

The project will be represented in Berlin by Grzegorz Jaroszuk.

  • „Arkadia Stadt”, sci-fi—pitched by Roman Przylipiak and Tomasz Morawski

Logline: A new Berlin Wall separates the rich from a wave of chaos and anarchy that has been flooding Europe.

Tomasz Morawski, producer, will go to the city of the Golden Bears.

  • „YouTuber”, mockumentary—pitched by Joanna Satanowska and Alicja Jagodzińska

Logline: While a chicken-hearted eternal student will do anything—including jumping off a skyscraper—just to become famous on YouTube, his witty sister thinks her celebrity-wannabe brother might be a topic better suited for her own documentary.

The producer, Alicja Jagodzińska, will promote their project in the German capital.

  • „Volterra”, drama—pitched by producer Marta Lewandowska, film directed by Jacek Borcuch.

Logline: Growing refugee crisis pushes Maria, nobel prize laureate and moral authority to make a controversial public statement, the consequences of which she would never have expected.

The project will be represented in Berlin by Marta Lewandowska.

“Nowadays, self-promotion is key to everything. To achieve international success, apart from talent and knowledge, every author should get the chance to acquire theoretical and practical skills to find their way in the international world of co-producers, distributors, and sales agents. We provided our participants with professional knowledge and all the necessary tools to reach their goals.”— says Agnieszka Pyrkowska responsible for the promotional part of the project.

We wish the very best of luck in Berlin to all our film-makers!

The project is co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw.

Strategic partner: Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission

The project is co-promoted by the following institutions: Wajda School, StoryLab, Warsaw Film School, Polish Film-makers Association, FILMPRO, Warsawholic

Przestrzeń Filmowa is the main organiser of the Film Lab Warszawa–Berlin program. This Warsaw-based foundation runs various film workshops and is responsible for the Polish edition of the 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT.

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